• STUART, FL -- Donald F. White didn’t start out in life to become a nationally respected financial authority, inspiring keynote speaker and author, host of his own radio broadcast or internationally acclaimed lecturer. And he didn’t intend to become President of one South FIorida’s leading wealth advisory firms.

  • Lots of people want to be rich, to become a millionaire. But without a systematic wealth accumulation plan, they are doomed to failure. It takes personal discipline and sacrifice to build a capital base.

  • The story of one of my clients illustrates well what has motivated me to stay in this business despite its challenges. In 1965 Bill and I graduated from university where we became friends. Bill had majored in business and I had majored in fun and games, though I somehow managed to get a degree in economics.

  • G erald “Gerry” P.R. Sacks might live in Houston, Texas, but nobody will ever call him Tex. He just doesn’t quite sound like your average Texan. No smooth Houston drawl here, but rather an infectious, South African accent that immediately soothes.

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