Fast Track Workshop

Financial Planning is both art and science. To make it a viable profession, it needs to be managed as a practice (just like a professional legal or medical practice) and also as a business.

The increase in complexity of our business, a better informed and educated public and a tighter regulatory framework demand that practitioners re-examine their business practices to ensure clients’ interests are always upheld.

The Business and Practice of Financial Planning can be broadly categorized into 4 main Task Groups:

  • Business Acquisition (BA)
  • Advisory & Planning Process (APP)
  • Implementation (IMP)
  • Client Care (CC)

80% of the success of the case is said to depend on performing Task Groups 1 & 2 well!

The objective of this program is to help financial planning practitioners enhance their knowledge and skills in these 2 important Task Groups.

Expected learning outcomes for participating practitioners:

  • Learn how to use an Intentional, Integrated and Innovative Client Acquisition methodology that filters ‘suspects’ in order to focus on qualified prospects that fit your desired Client Profiles.
  • Learn how to inculcate ‘24/7’ Business Acquisition habit that is fun and natural.
  • Build a more professional practice that revolves around a CLIENT-CENTRIC Financial Planning Model that is consultative, engages the client, and is easy for the client to understand and assimilate (avoids jargon and stresses the use of plain everyday language).
  • Develop better Client Adviser Relationship that results in a high degree of trust and mutual responsibility between Client and Adviser/Planner.
  • Delivers objective, unbiased advice to help the client make the correct financial decisions appropriate to their goals and objectives
  • Develops a relational business that is more ‘sticky’ and that generates more revenue per client.


About the Course Trainers/ Coaches

Freddie KangMBA

Freddie Kang (60 this year) entered the financial services industry at age 50. He first joined one of the ‘big four’ insurance companies in Apr 2002, and by Dec of the same year, was the Rookie Runner-up, and was among the Top 20 producers amongst the company’s advisers. In Oct 2003, Freddie decided to go independent and joined one of the leading FA firms where he led a team of financial consultants offering financial planning and advisory services to mass-affluent and HNW clients. Prior to joining the financial services industry, Freddie spent nearly 30 years in various senior positions in both MNCs and SMEs. Hence he is well-equipped to serve the professionals and business-owners market where he does comprehensive financial planning and business succession planning for his clients. Freddie is also passionate about promoting best-practices amongst financial planning practitioners through his talks and workshops.



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