I may be able to assist you in pursuing your company's mission, as you may know, I have spoken in your country and most Asian countries, dozens of times as a well-known Life Insurance producer, writer and speaker.

Life Insurance to Diversification

I may be able to assist you in pursuing your company's mission, as you may know, I have spoken in your country and most Asian countries, dozens of times as a well-known Life Insurance producer, writer and speaker. What you probably don't know I actually have been a totally diversified financial advisor since the 1960's but it was not appropriate to feature that part of my career in Asia, until now. Companies and regulators are now promoting advising and diversification as the future of our industry.

In my country, the United States, I figured that out for myself and for my agency, before the companies and regulators did, so though it was costly and difficult I was a pioneer in that persuasion.As a result, I and my financial advisors became among the most successful and highest income earners in the world. In time we were emulated by all companies, and the National Underwriter publisher asked me to write a book explaining how I did the transition.In the 1970's I therefore wrote "From Life Insurance to Diversification" which became an immediate best seller.

I now own the copyright on that book and I am aware of the pressure to have the life insurance industry in Asia make the same transition. The Hong Kong life underwriter association asked me to write 2 articles on my transition, as they know their members respect me so I wrote the articles which made me realize that book would have the same value in your country and company as it did some years ago in the US.

Philip Tan, in Singapore (whose contact information is philiptan@psmresource.com or 65 62738823) markets my materials in Asia from Singapore,so I asked him to send you this letter and to enclose the two articles I sent to Hong Kong, which have been translated to Chinese and are in two current successive issue of their life underwriter bulletin. I have also suggested he make a special deal, price wise, for companies like yours that plan on using the book to help in their marketing.

Please forgive this imposition on your valuable time but I have spent 66 years in this great industry,which I truly love, and believe I have helped many Asian agents find success, and advising and diversification seems to again be an area my expertise can be helpful.


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I may be able to assist you in pursuing your company's mission, as you may know, I have......

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