The 21st Century Agent (Strategic Coach)

Product Description

The 21st Century Agent leads you through six trends and twenty strategies for entrepreneurial growth. This workbook will enhance your understanding of that information and provide you with a structure to create a step-by-step, concrete plan to success.

By asking you a series of questions and providing a place for you to write them down, you will get clear about the challenges and changes facing you – both within the life insurance industry and for you personally. It is just a short step from that point to crating a plan to turn these potentially negative trends into entrepreneurial opportunities and capabilities.

This workbook is organized into two specific parts. Part I leads you through each section of The 21st Century Agent. Then you are asked a series of questions to get clear about your specific situation and opportunities.

Part II is a tool to create a three-year plan, track your progress, and keep you focused on achieving your goals. By following this process and keeping track quarterly, you will truly become a 21st Century Agent!


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