Create the Business Breakthrough You Want (Others)

Product Description

Business and financial success is executing time-tested strategies well and consistently. This book reveals advice and techniques from some of the world’s wisest experts that can help business owners and executives thrive for years to come.
If you want to create a business breakthrough, then this is the book for you.  It gives you the tools and confidence to overcome challenges associated with today’s superheated world so you can take quantum leaps forward in your business and financial development.  In each chapter you:

  • Get the time-tested resources you want: discover powerful strategies, systems and insights in five areas you must master to thrive in today’s new economy.
  • Learn from the best: Meet 61 of the world’s most savvy and trusted business and financial mentors – all in one compact volume.
  • Benefit quickly and easily: Gain maximum insights in minimum time from brief, specially formatted chapters.
  • Special bonus: Get access to each mentor for those situations when you need more help.

Millions of executives, business owners and professionals have had breakthroughs thanks to the mentors of this book. Buy it now and let them start helping you, too.


$ 35.00

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