The D.O.S. Conversation™ (Strategic Coach)

Product Description

A deceptively simple method for immediately making a powerful connection with any client or prospect, which allows you to create unique value in their life

If you want to start every new business relationship off right, avoid relationships you shouldn’t be entering into, and deepen your existing relationships, The D.O.S. Conversation is the way to do it.

The D.O.S. Conversation gives you the ability to see into your clients’ and customers’ dangers, opportunities, and strengths — the raw material of their future. Since the future is where all your business with them will be conducted and where the money to pay you will be generated, it’s in your best interest to stake out this territory in advance.

Using the process outlined in The D.O.S. Conversation, you’ll immediately recognize in any situation whether there’s an opportunity to create value, and the best way to do so. You’ll also set up the conditions for a long-term relationship based on trust and confidence.

Anyone who sells anything today knows that we are living in a commoditized world, where every transaction hinges solely on price. No matter what your business, differentiating yourself from your competitors and making a profit are becoming increasingly difficult.

The consensus in the business world suggests that the secret to escaping commoditization is value creation. But how do you actually go about creating value?

In this presentation, Dan Sullivan introduces The D.O.S. Conversation, a powerful, practical technique you can begin to use immediately in any sales situation to create unique value for all of your prospects, clients, and customers.

If your success depends on developing long-term relationships with clients or customers for ongoing or repeat business or referrals, the tools in this package may revolutionize how you do business.



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