The Laws of Lifetime Growth (Strategic Coach)

Product Description

The Laws of Lifetime Growth will help you recognize how to extract the maximum value from your experiences, leading to continual growth in both your personal and professional life.

Growth is a fundamental human need, a desire that stems from a deep love of life and an urge to experience it fully. It gives us a feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, meaning, and progress.

Here, Dan Sullivan and Catherine Nomura offer ten simple laws that will help you continue to grow throughout your life. By living according to these laws — including such insightful advice as “Always make your future bigger than your past,” “Always make your contribution bigger than your reward,” and “Always make your enjoyment greater than your effort” — you will ensure that you maintain a fresh, innovative perspective on the world around you.

Distilled from Dan Sullivan’s years of coaching successful people, these laws will motivate you and unlock your greatest abilities.

Through real-life stories, Sullivan and Nomura illustrate each of the ten laws and show how with just a slight shift of thinking — regardless of your age, income, or position — you can put them into action in your own life. They examine common pitfalls and detail practical strategies for overcoming obstacles.

Once you start to integrate these laws into your life, you’ll never outgrow them, they’ll never become obsolete, and they will continue to lead you to ever-greater happiness and fulfillment.


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