Nothing Is Impossible (Mehdi Fakharzadeh)

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This book on Mehdi life and his sales methods captures the indomitable spirit of a remarkable individual who rose to the top against the greatest of odds. Some twenty years back, Mehdi walked into a Metropolitan Life Insurance Company district office and was probably considered the salesman most unlikely to succeed. His command of English was poor. He had no previous sales experience. And to top it off, he didn’t know the first thing about life insurance – wasn’t even insured! Yet he wanted to learn, and he persisted. The rest is life insurance history.

Life insurance is a unique product and selling life insurance is a unique experience. While it is a great career for the right person, not everyone succeeds.

Mehdi has succeeded. He has blended his uniqueness with the uniqueness of life insurance with amazing results. He unselfishly gives of himself to his clients and to his fellow salesmen as well. He has done much to raise the image of a life insurance salesman to that of a professional total financial adviser. He has that rare ability to “do well while doing good.” Throughout my long-standing association with Mehdi, I have never known anyone to have a more genuine interest in helping other people.

This book reveals Mehdi philosophies and sales methods, and is both inspirational and practical for the salesperson genuinely concerned with reaching his or her own full potential in earnings, ability, and personal satisfaction. More than just a premier on success – which it certainly is – it is also a lesson in life and living.


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