The Power of Communication (Gerald P R Sacks)

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Say It With Conviction

Industry legend Gerry Sacks is featured performing on the Main Platform before several thousand people at MDRT.  Now’s your chance to invest 20 minutes with industry great, Gerald ‘PR’ Sacks, as he shares with you indispensable lessons on what makes a successful financial advisor.  By the end of this “power packed” DVD you’ll have been mentored by one of the legends in the life insurance industry. Guaranteed to provide you with unparalleled value, this program gives you a competitive advantage that will catapult you to Top of The Table faster than you ever dreamed possible.

  • Learn the magic words that will make clients to believe in you
  • Belief in yourself will make your doubts disappear
  • Use your own life story to show others your integrity and honesty

It’s Not What You Say … It’s How You Say It!  (Audio CD)

Industry legend Gerry Sacks audio presentation is a masterpiece of proven sales ideas that promise to give you “the competitive edge” in your life insurance career.  Invest in this program and you’ll receive “little-known” insights how this master has thrived in the life insurance business 30 years!

  • The Definition of Success
  • High-Impact Sales Ideas
  • Outstanding Closing Questions
  • How to Tri-Oomph
  • The Secret of LIFE… “OPE”
  • The TALK before the SALE
  • “GREAT IDEAS” Marketing

Listen, practice and be rewarded. Gerald Sacks’ 30 years of sales ideas and you will

  • Learn how to use positive statements when talking to clients
  • Learn how to present a story that is of interest and relates to your clients
  • Learn how to use your own experiences to relate to clients
  • Prosper and live the life you dreamed

Communicating: Can You Make the Sale (Audio CD)

Industry legend Gerry Sacks audio presentation “Can You Make the Sale” is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Gerry gives away little known secrets on how to make a sale that will add thousands to your personal income. Listen carefully to the lessons Gerry reveals, and you’ll learn how to communicate more effectively with your clients. Practice what he teaches and you will quickly climb the mountain of success to become qualified as a MDRT producer.

  • Learn how to ask disturbing questions with empathy
  • Learn how to speak to your clients to capture their hearts
  • How to deliver a strong sales presentation with conviction
  • Have confidence in yourself so you can make the sale


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