The Power of the Goal Achievement Process! (Mark Riesenberg)

Product Description

Mark Riesenberg gives you the knowledge to set and realize your business and professional goals. This audio edition will give you the tools and techniques you need to improve your success and quality of life as you reduce your stress. If you cannot attend a live seminar, this audio program is the next best thing.

The following table of contents will give you a feeling for the depth of his powerful, life-changing program.

Part 1    :    The Power of the Goal Achievement Process

Part 2    :    Why Don't People Set Goals?

Part 3    :    It Begins with Desire & Passion

Part 4    :    How to Write Goals

Part 5    :    Creating High Impact Goals

Part 6    :    Everybody Needs a Coach

Part 7    :    Visualization-Seeing Your Success

Part 8    :    Time - Your Greatest Asset

Part 9    :    Identifying Your Time Wasters

Part 10  :    Time Management Strategies & Techniques

Part 11  :    More Solutions to your Time Management Challenges

Part 12  :    The Goal of All Goals


$ 80.00

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