The Secret Life of A #1 Salesman (Solomon Hicks)

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To every man and woman who sells. There is room at the top for you.

This dedication in Solomon Hicks’ groundbreaking book sums up what he believes and what he has been teaching and proving over the course of his stellar career in the insurance business.

“The Secret Life of a #1 Salesman” is the must-have handbook if you sell, or want to sell, regardless of what you sell.  The interactive format allows you to rethink and reshape the way you do business, and then transform your potential into winning performance.  For the first time in print, Sol Hicks reveals the 21 Secrets that catapulted him to world-class status: 

Listen With Both Eyes Open …The best salesmen give people their undivided attention…The art of listening requires that you see three things before you try to process one word of conversation…
Let Them See You Sweat …Show me the salesman who already knows everything, and I’ll show you the last person in the world you want to give your business to…Asking for help, educating ourselves and allowing our weaknesses to be visible liberates us from the fear of being “found out”…
The Best Get Rest …There is nothing impressive in busyness. It’s usually a signal to others that you are unorganized and desperate…Rest is having the freedom to do only what the moment requires and nothing more. We rest in our work. Rest is active and requires our engagement…

With “The Secret Life of a #1 Salesman,” you can work your way to the top with the man who knows exactly how to get you there


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