The Strategic Goal Tracker™ (Strategic Coach)

Product Description

Goals are the single greatest tool for creating an extraordinary life. The Goal Tracker gives you a reliable structure for creating measurable goals and moving consistently toward them.
“A good goal contains one part excitement and one part fear.”
- Dan Sullivan
The most successful and satisfied people are those who can imagine a bigger future and make it happen. They have the ability to set goals and achieve them.
Just being able to articulate your goals is an extraordinary skill most people never develop. But it takes more than that to really make goals work: A stated goal with no structure for achieving it soon turns into a regret or embarrassment—which makes many people cynical about goals and resolutions.
The Goal Tracker is a daily tool you can use to set, track, and achieve your most important goals. It’s simple, but it can channel all your imagination, commitment, habits, and activities into a practical support system for your highest ambitions.
If you take your dreams seriously, let The Goal Tracker help you make them real.


$ 25.00

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