Think BIGGER Seminar (Howard Wight)

Product Description

There are only three ways to increase sales:
1) Develop more clients
2) Make more sales to each client
3) Make bigger sales to each client

Howard Wight will show you how to think bigger, propose more, and close more. He has spoken six times at the Million Dollar Round Table annual meeting. His ideas have helped thousands sell millions.

Who should own this DVD? Every company, manager, trainer, agent, and advisor who seriously wants to sell more, more easily should have this presentation in their library. Recruiters should give this material to prospective agents to learn why there has never been a better time to be in the life insurance business. The ideas contained in this material could be used in sales-builder meetings virtually forever.

Howard will show you how to:

  • Develop the unstoppable mindset
  • Get more and better referrals
  • Transition quickly into fact-finding discovery process
  • Help clients understand the premium is not the problem
  • Ask questions to help the client answer his own objections
  • Make it easier for clients to buy using comparison selling
  • Help your clients buy more cash value life insurance
  • Make what you do a mission...not just a job or a career

Learn more in ninety minutes than many agents learn in a lifetime.


$ 100.00

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