Wise Guys Finish First (Solomon Hicks)

Product Description

“Success is not hiding from any of us.  It is waiting for all of us, no matter who we are or how we started out in life, as long as we are willing to be shaped by our circumstances.”
Sol Hicks went from poverty and prejudice in a small, segregated southern town, to affluence and influence as a history-making, internationally-recognized successful businessman.  His life story is an inspiring must read for anyone with odds to beat, challenges to overcome, or mountains to climb. 
More than motivational, “Wise Guys Finish First” is also practical, each chapter ending with opportunities for introspection and personal expression.  The ultimate goal, Sol writes, “is not for you to know my story, but to use my story in order to uncover your own…” Is your life bigger than your own imagination and greater than people’s expectations?  Do you know what you want but need the courage to go after it?  Let wisdom be your guide.  Let Sol Hicks light your path to success.


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