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Orphaned at the young age of 9 in India forced Danny to transform from a little boy to a man with a mission. With Dad gone, leaving behind little assets and no life insurance, Danny assumed the role of a father to his 3 younger sisters of 7 years, 5 years and 9 months.
He had to drop out of the school to join the work force to feed his 3 younger sisters. He left India at the young age of 19 in search of a better life. After travelling thru 51 countries over the next 2 years, he wound up in New York as a homeless person, broke, with no friends or family.
He joined New York Life Insurance Company to prevent this from happening to any other family, on Sept 3rd 1985. Given his background, he was given almost no chance of making it in Insurance business.
He became one of the most successful agents in his Company writing over 125 life cases, year after year. He won almost every single award his company or this industry had to offer. He qualified for MDRT his first year in business and became Life Member MDRT after qualifying for 10 consecutive years.
After insuring 1500 plus lives, his dream shifted again. He wanted to find people, the business that found him. He joined management and for next 3 years he was always in the Top 25 Sales Managers in the nation.
In Aug 2000, he became a Senior Partner of New York Life and his performance level ranked him as Number One Senior Partner for the year 2001 and 2002 in the whole country.
Since him joining Management his agency has doubled in size with over 128 agents, earning over $6 Million in First year commissions in year 2002.
He is a well sought after speaker locally and internationally. He most recently spoke to Top Gun Sales Mangers in Jan 2003 on the subject "Recruit, Recruit & Recruit"
He is very involved in the Industry serving in various capacities. He has served as Chairman for the membership for National Underwriters and also as Chairman for Life Underwriter's Political Action Committee in New York City.

His dream was to bring his company New York Life to India which became a reality in year 2000. Today New York life is on a fast Track to make itself a dominant player in South East Asia in the Insurance Arena.
He believes in Making a Difference


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