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Welcome to Vicpro

Our Mission

To promote, encourage and develop the sport of tenpin bowling in Singapore through the provision of quality administrative services and athlete, coach and officials training programs.


Under the guidance of our qualified coaches, VicPro will ensure the continual growth and development of tenpin bowling in Singapore.


a) The Sport of Tenpin Bowling is a lifetime sport, which contributes to the physical, social, mental and spiritual growth of its participants.

b) Tenpin bowling is a global sport which can be played by anyone regardless of age, gender, level of skill or disability.


1. To enhance the overall personal growth and development of youth through tenpin bowling

2. To encourage new bowler to ensure the growth and continuity of tenpin bowling in Singapore

3. To facilitate the development of our high performance athletes to attain international caliber / status

4. To provide quality programs and competitions for our athletes through the development of certified coaches and officials

5. To provide programs in Singapore

6. To provide services and resources to its bowlers and address the needs of all Singapore tenpin bowlers as a lifetime sport through the provision of effective quality services, programs and competitions for grassroots, developmental and high performance athletes.