About Us

VicPro has always been recognized as a premier coaching provider in Singapore by providing an extensive platform for the development and promotion of excellence in tenpin bowling through our:

  • • Commitment to quality
  • • Dedication to education
  • • Consciousness of social responsibilities
  • • Encouragement of sound business practices and ethics
  • • Promotion of the sport of tenpin bowling to youth

The objective of VicPro Youth Squad is to help elite youth bowlers maintain an interest in tenpin bowling through emphasis on advanced training, coaching and team bowling so they may continue to progress and excel in the sport.

The programme assists youth bowlers in learning all aspects of the sport to prepare them to continue to bowl competitively as they grow older as well as opportunity to join Team Singapore development squad. Members of VicPro Youth Squad regularly compete both locally and international against youth from around the world, while also having the opportunity to refine their games with VicPro elite coaches.

Coaching is not just about improving the physical performance of an athlete. In taking on the role of the coach, we also have a considerable impact on the development and lives of the athletes, especially young athletes. Our role is to teach not only the skills of the game, but also how to win with dignity and lose with grace. Last but not least, sport is about fun!

In recognizing athletes are individuals, be aware of their feelings and take an interest in their lives off the sports. Each and every athlete is unique and therefore deserves a personalized approach for his/her training programme. By adapting plans and activities to suit the needs of individual athletes in terms of growth and development, our coach can help the athletes to progress in the way that best suits them.

VicPro is committed to grow the sport of BOWLING; we are putting the best in coaching techniques into the hands of bowling coaches in our program. Adopting the ABF & WTBA Level 2 & 3 coaching courses, both technical knowledge and practical skill in our coaching & training program.

WHY We Call VicPro The Bowlers Connection

All those things that seem to oppose our goals are actually the raw materials for achieving them.

Why did we name VicPro? Well, we pictured a person in the center of a circle, and all around them were obstacles that seemed to come in at them, all at once. They were being overwhelmed by this series of obstacles.

What we found was that if you used the structure of Victory and Professional to isolate and identify every one of those obstacles in a systematic fashion, you could take each obstacle and you could transform it into a strategy.

So the circle of problems became a circle of Victory and Professional.